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Designix is a custom web HOSTING service that provides the perfect environment for you and your team to work in. Our premium managed WEB hosting and workflow tools allow you to create and launch all of your websites in one place.

Hosting that makes it easy to build websites

Designix offers a better way for you and your team to design, launch, and manage all of your websites. We offer premium managed WEB hosting with workflow tools so you can create and launch all of your websites in one place. You can do everything – from building a website to adding content, from monitoring your site to handling marketing campaigns – all from our intuitive platform.

Hosting on a Cloud 9

We have worked hard to provide an efficient infrastructure that is capable of handling even the most demanding websites with no compromises in performance or security.

Scalable for any size business

We offer intuitive templates to create beautiful websites and we also offer custom design services if you need assistance. You can choose between shared or dedicated hosting packages and you get a 1-click setup without the hassle of managing domains, email accounts, databases, or any other server-side tasks with us!